Recommended Products

We have taken the time to provide a list of recommended products that we use and recommend for our puppies! 

Royal Canin Starter Puppy

Your Puppy Is Currently Eating Starter Mother & Babydog Formula. 

High Calorie Vitamin

Vitamin Recommended to prevent Hypoglycemia in toy breed puppies. 

Playpen and Cage Ideas

It’s very important to keep your little one contained while young.  To prevent hypoglycemia and over playing.

Shampoo & Conditioner

cowboy magic shampoo and conditioner

Tear Mender

I used For stubborn Yorkie puppy ears to stand.


Chris Christenson

Love Love Love!!  I have purchased many different brushes and this is my FAV! I use everyday.  I love all his products.  Conditioning sprays and shampoo /conditioner.

yorkie conditioning spray
shampoo and conditioner